DJ Price has a long history of mechanical service, he started when he was 9, with his first go-kart. Built it from a damaged kit, made it direct drive and took out several mailboxes along the way, but fun none-the-less. Moved on to motorcycles at 12. He saved enough money from his morning, afternoon and sundays paper routes to buy two from a teenage neighbor, neither of which ran. Made one good one from the two in the span of a winter. The good bike was his first and one he won't ever forget. A 1971 Kawasaki F7 175. Fond memories. Then all through his teen years he was called upon by neighbors and friends to assist in the repair and diagnostics of just about everything. A semi successful MX career which ended when an impact fracture of the lower tibia, (among other injuries) forced him to choose different career paths. Lots of motorcycle and race car construction and service. Yamaha Genesis engines as well as all two stroke & 4 stroke race bikes.

In 1989 he was a shuttle pilot for a local aircraft brokerage on St. Simons Island Georgia. Post shuttle pilot he began his endeavor into the marine world and started working on boats at the Hampton River Marina on the North end of St. Simons Island. He was a professional jet-ski instructor at Golden Isles Marina on St. Simons. The tradition continues, he worked with Steve Stepp at Velocity Powerboats in Sanford Florida for a year or so and started Marine & Speed on the Gulf Coast of Florida in 2003 and has since relocated the shop to Versailles Kentucky in a round about fashion.

Been involved in many offshore and APBA events, serviced many high end "go-fast" type boats and continues to participate in poker runs and other fun power boating activities.

Obviously this is an abbreviated version of DJ's history, so if you're truly interested in his life history give him a shout or stop by the shop. Cheers !